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Why should you join the Association?
•It is an investment in preserving your lifestyle in Bay Indies now and in the future.
• It is an investment in preserving your relationship with the park owners.
• It is an investment in promoting favorable legislation.
• It is the ONLY legal representative of the residents with the park owners.
• By Florida State Statute, the Association has the power to acquire and operate the park on behalf of the homeowners if the park is for sale.
• Your Association acts on your behalf when a reduction or change in service presents itself.

When does your Association have its meetings?
• Your Association meets every second Friday of the month at the Indies Hall at 1:30 p.m.
• Your Association meetings are open to all members of the Association.
• The right to attend meetings extends to Association committee meetings.
• There is a need for constant influx of assistance from each of you. Without your support, the Association would soon lose its service effectiveness.
• Your Board members are dedicated, hard working volunteers and they devote a large amount of time on your behalf.

What are the costs for supporting Your Association?
• The membership dues for the current year are $40.00. It is a small investment for the services and benefits provided.

What are the dues used for?
• Negotiating upcoming rental agreements.
• Administrative and meeting costs.
• Verification of rental amount increases.
• Maintenance and security issues.
• Legal concerns that may occur during our current agreement.
• Issues of non-compliance with the current agreement.
• Supporting amendments changes to state, county and local regulations that affect our homes in Bay Indies.

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